The Doorbell Rings

The true story of what really happens when the doorbell rings in my home.

By the time I get to answering the door the deliveryman is rooting around the electrical panel box plotting where to hide the package for safe keeping until our return home.

I text my honey to let him know the package has arrived.

I open the box. It’s sheets for Cupcake’s new big girl bed.

I walk them to her room to swap out my own bed linens that were used as a make-shift solution on my daughter’s twin bed the night before.

So I strip my sheets to throw in the washer. And happily tuck the corners of the mattress into the new waterproof fitted sheet with pride.

I strip the pillow cases and I discover her pillow split inside the pillowcase. It’s a beanbag pillow, little styrofoam balls are static clinging to everything and the new fitted sheet. What a mess.

I fetch a sticky lint brush which I then use to collect the styrofoam filler while I examine the pillow for a hole.

With the hole identified I go back to my bedroom to get a needle and thread to repair the pillow before further damage and mess. Stitch, stitch, stich.

I collect the bed linens and head them directly to the washer, and I toss a few stuffed animals in the wash load while I’m at it.

I stain treat a dozen milk stains over the tub.

I glance at my feet where I see ants are swarming all over the bathroom floor! Gross. I miss bug-free living.

I kill the ants and clean the floor and finish stain treating and start the washer and walk out the door. Oops I forgot the sheet from her babydoll bed. I take it to the bathroom ; I stain treat it too ; but there’s no way it’s fitting in this load.  Even the stuffed animals didn’t fit in.

I spray the stuffed animals with disinfectant and tie them in a plastic bag to kill the germs.

On my way to fetch the last baby doll, I notice that the cat left me a present in the hallway and I need to clean that up right away.

I turn the corner and I can see straight into Cupcake’s room and there directly in front of me is her stripped bed with only the waterproof fitted sheet and bare pillows.

It’s been an hour since the doorbell rang.

I walk back into Cupcake’s room determined to put those sheets on her bed and get on with my day and there I spy another sheet that missed the wash and immediately think to myself, why didn’t I just wash her crib sheets while I was at it, they are far more stained than the other sheets I just washed.

Untying twelve bows that hold the bumper pad in place proves quite the puzzle today, but I finally strip her crib.

The time it took to stain treat those sheets the first load was already done, so naturally I put the second load in right away.

Now I’ve got an arm load of wet linens and the drying rack is full of Cupcake’s clothes, so no I have to put away her frilly little dresses in order to hang the sheets.

Three, two, one… finally got all of her most adorable clothes folded or hung.

Back to the project at hand.  This was supposed to be me making a bed.

But first I need to go fetch scissors to open the packaging on the new pillowcases, and then we’ll really get down to business.

Standing in the kitchen with the scissors in my hand I couldn’t resist snipping off the tag of the floor mat that always sticks out.

The sheets are gorgeous, they add a touch of sunshine to the room.  The pillows look so cosy. I can’t wait to show Cupcake.

Now time to reheat that tea I was supposed to be drinking. But since I can’t sit and drink my tea without doing something, maybe I’ll write a blog post about this crazy mixed up day 😉

So here we are three and a half hours later, I’m finally sipping my tea and chatting with you.

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