Crêpe Sucette – New traditions in the making

The first time I saw crêpes on a lollipop stick I was appalled. No, really. I love crêpes and I’m a purist. I’m not even tempted by the street vendors that precook them in bulk and then reheat per order. All the crispy crunch is weak and floppy.

So the first crêpe-on-a-stick sighting at the Christmas market, we laughed at them and went on our merry way. A year went by and we completely forgot about this atrocity. So the second year we were surprised and probably a little worn down by the the flagrant lack of street crêpes at any market in our new town.

We decided to get goûter that day at the market and our market is the perfect blend of Christmas spirit and artisans and not overly commercialized so the options are limited and Cami Cupcake chose a crêpe-on-a-stick. It was hot and crispy and really flavorful.

This year is our fifth Christmas market in Montigny-le-Bretonneux. Yesterday I was out walking through the town center with my hubby and I heard him comment, “Remember those crazy crêpes-on-a-stick?” and in a split second I felt a wave of every emotion imaginable ranging from, “Yeah, we could make that a new festive tradition,” to “Don’t get your hopes up, they’ll probably have a new vendor this year and we’ll never see them again in our lives.”

Migration-phobia. As you know that a phobia is when you tell yourself fears that aren’t logical. You probably assume that migration-phobia can present itself in a fear of change and future migration, but it also has another dimension where you don’t expect things to be stable just in case they aren’t. I have decided to call this: disappointment anxiety.

It was a weird moment of reckoning. My brain told my heart, “Don’t get too attached. Don’t get your hopes up. Someday your dreams will be dashed to pieces and the thing you are looking for in anticipation will no longer be there.”

Here we are one day later. All the way to the market the three of us kept reminding each other… if they aren’t there, that’s okay. They were a silly funny memory, but they may not be there, and that’s just fine.

But there they were. We had a good laugh and a delicious after school goûter. And somehow mysteriously this crazy thing as made it’s way into our lives and after all the anticipation… I got one too.

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