Deeper Path Program

Do you have ideas, but you lack clarity on what to do next? Perhaps you are fatigued and you tell yourself that you don’t have enough energy to take on something new, and if your life is out of alignment that is sure to be the case. What if you could align your daily life with your values and see yourself bouncing out of bed every morning excited to work on your projects? Are you ready to experience fulfillment, purpose and drive? If so, you are ready for the Deeper Path.

The truth is the majority of people invest more time designing a 2-week vacation, than designing their entire lives. Without a plan, they coast through life, feeling lost and directionless. The result is a life of going through the motions. They’re dead; they just haven’t made it official.


Although it’s easy to ignore these costs, according to Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung:

“The most damaging thing in the life of child, is the unlived life of the parent.”

As a Deeper Path Team member, I literally wake up dead people. I help people reconnect with their why and create a life worth living

Imagine being used to literally change someone’s life. It’s a humbling experience and yet as a Deeper Path certified coach, speaker, and trainer, it’s a common experience.

This program includes:

1 Deeper Path book.

$15 value

1 Deeper Path printable workbook.


10 Video training sessions.

$500 value

10 Audio recordings to boost your drive as you listen to others who have found clarity through the program.


A private coaching session with me to sharpen your clarity and boost your confidence.

$500 value

Bonus Soul On Fire questionnaire.

$100 value

Social media marketing expertise, tools and advice to boost your brand or business.

$500 value

Lifetime membership to our online VIP energy boost, a group forum where you can experience first hand life changing stories and play a role in the lives of others who are dedicated to making their life a masterpiece.


This limited time offer includes all of the above at a very special price.


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