Undeniable Needs

Satisfaction starts here.

What is a Need

A need is an obligation born out of the feeling that something is missing. It is something that is considered necessary. Apart from physiological needs, needs are predominantly cultural and subjective.

Needs vs. Desires

Needs must be satisfied; they concern the person inherently and entirely and are non-exchangeable.
Desires are not essential, may involve a third party and are exchangeable.


Sometimes we don’t identify the need and compensate by replacing it with another.

“What’s in it for me? What does it get me?” “What does it satisfy. »

Needs vs. Values

When a need is nourished, it is turned off.
Values do not turn off.

Maslow‘s pyramid of basic human needs

There is no point in working the needs of the top if the needs of the bottom are not met. Start at the bottom and work up, if someone has a blockage one a particular level go down a level and clarify every need until the blockage disappears.

Emotions Serve Needs

Our emotions stir us up and put us into motion to meet our needs.

Frustration — Serves to indicate to me that my attempts to meet my unmet needs have been thwarted or are insufficient.

Over adaptation — A well constructed discourse about why I don’t take care of my needs: beliefs, politeness, I don’t have the right.

Restlessness — Indicates that I am not taking a need into account. Talking with a coach is a great way to identify hidden or unacknowledged needs.

Emotions — A drop-off service that takes you straight to the basic human need you must satisfy.

  • Anger — law and respect
  • Sadness — personal connection
  • Fear — security

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