If you grew up as a child in another culture than your parents were raised or if you are a parent raising kids in another culture than your own,  then this community is for you.

These kids may be labeled hyper-sensitive because they mourn more change, losses and goodbyes than most monocultural adults do in a lifetime. They may appear awkward or aloof during standard greetings since over-developed observation skills require extra processing time for even mundane encounters. They imprint on inanimate objects and have a hard time letting go. Growing up multi-lingual and multi-cultural stimulates intelligence, but paradoxically they often struggle with mental blockages and even burnout refusing to apply themselves in certain domains.

Welcome. We hope you feel at home in this discussion and sharing group. Our goal is to create a community of parents who want to raise their kids together to thrive through transition and knowing that they are not alone in loving Jesus and crossing cultures in a world where kingdom culture is always counter-cultural. A toolbox awaits to navigate these new times. There is hope.

This is a volunteer run community and we believe every member is valuable that is why we call every member a volunteer. In fact, some of you are more knowledgeable on this subject than I am. I promise to post plenty of discussions and scientific research, and I invite you to share your life experiences and do tons of research on the subject and post often. We are better together.

Your extended family awaits…

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