Rock-N-Roll – Burger on a Half Bun

“Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world.” – Peter York

Okay, is it presumptuous to want to write about a hamburger? I mean, who doesn’t know how to make a hamburger right?

Here’s what I’m thinking – This post is all about the inspiring photos, and maybe one or two highlights. Hey, after all, someone out there has probably never deseeded an avocado before, let’s give them some tips… but really, honestly, I just wanted to showcase my awesome hubby, who incidentally, makes the best hamburgers in the world!

Fresh Sliced Onion
Banana Pepper
Canadian Bacon
Big Thick Slice of Avacado
Mega Dose of Tomatoes
Bed of Arugula – Nutty Leaves
American Cheese
Lightly Toasted Open Faced Bun

Burger on a Half Bun

Step one – Send hubby to the grocery, preheat the oven.

Step two – Put the french fries in the oven, and the fresh green beans on the stove.

Step three – Put the bun in the toaster.

Step four – Slice tomato through it’s equator. One tomato made four perfect slices leaving only two quarter sized ends to snack on while cooking. Slice the onion and the banana pepper.

Step five – Slice avocado. You choose a ripe avocado the same way you choose a ripe peach. Don’t be scared of it’s unsightly rough skin, it should be soft to the touch, not soupy, not hard, peach-like. Use a sharp flat knife (not a butter knife, not a steak knife, a smooth non-serrated knife). Flip your avocado over so you can see it’s stem, which always grows crooked, so look it straight in the eye and look for it’s seem. Hold your knife handle toward your belly button, and blade facing down. Slice straight in the stem and through the avocado until you hit the seed then maintaining contact with the seed slice backward around the seed until you’ve made a complete circle. Remove your knife and twist the two halves of the avocado like an oreo cookie. Set the half of the fruit containing the seed on the table in front of you. Wielding your knife like a mini ax, you should be able to wedge the flat sharp blade of your knife into the seed with one flick of your wrist. With the blade embedded in the seed, twist the seed gently and it will dislodge from the avocado. Peel the skin off with your fingers starting at the stem and slowly undressing it. Slice as you like. Wrap unused avocado tightly in plastic wrap, or better yet, eat it immediately.

Step six – Fry the bacon. Canadian bacon has more meat, less fat, and is shaped just right for a burger.

Step seven – When the fries are done, turn off the oven and leave them in to stay warm. Start your burgers. Heat your pan on the stovetop, medium hot. Choose a low-fat meat. (Really, the price difference is worth it, if you don’t believe me, try this : buy the cheapest variety, and the leanest variety and cook them side by side and compare the size of the patty after it’s cooked!) Season with fresh ground pepper and sea salt.  Cook on one side until it is visibly cooked half-way up the side of the burger. Flip once. Cook on the other side until cooked thoroughly. Add the cheese.

Step eight – Assemble your Hamburger.

Step nine – Eat with a fork and knife.

Here’s The Suggested Presentation :

And Here’s How I Like To Eat My Burger :

😉 YUM!

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