Third Time’s A Charm – Parmentier de Canard accompanied by it’s own foie gras cream sauce


Nichole’s signature dish.

Inspired by my favorite cooking show, this recipe has been once altered, twice tweaked, and tailored three times again.
Chic as a button, this dish never fails to make a great impression!
When you open the canned duck you’ll notice it is canned in pure white duck grease. I scoop out a large spoonful of the white fluff to cook my shallots thoroughly.
I’ve tried to use the generic preserved duck. It was so-so. But fortunately for me a fellow food fan gave us this wonderful can, a nice brand name. It was just SOOO amazing! You wouldn’t believe the impact quality ingredients make, it’s like night and day. So I definitely recommend splurging to make this recipe, it has such a unique and savory flavor.


Meanwhile I shred the duck straight out of the can. Using my fingers like a squeegee I slip the excess duck grease off of the legs and pull the meat apart into a separate bowl.


Once the meat is shredded I add it to the pan of shallots. The idea is to heat the meat and to dry it, because as it heats more grease becomes liquified and I have to strain off the liquid several times before the meat is golden and a bit dry. It’s not naturally a dry meat, and if it’s too juicy it will collapse under the weight of the mashed potatoes.


I need a mashed potato tower that is thick and stable. For this, I choose potatoes that are firm, dense and creamy. Personally I like big giant brown potatoes with thick skins and firm flesh. The amount of foie gras added varies depending on taste but also depending on the type of potato chosen, whether or not it has a pronounced flavor. My rule is : I always add half what I expect to use and then taste it. You can always add more, but when you’ve added too much it can never be undone. In this case, I expect to use 2 tsp of foie gras in the potatoes, so start with one and work up.
I always overstuff my dishes with food. They’re gorgeous when they’re heaping!
The basil comes from my window box herb garden, a great city girl survival tactic. 🙂
Follow the instructions on the sauce. I’ve made it several ways, this method works best. It’s much creamier when you thicken the cream first.
This was a really fun recipe to try. I’ve made it over and over again! The best part is every meal feels like a special occasion. Even if it’s not!

Parmentier de Canard
accompanied by it’s own foie gras cream sauce

Preparation time : 45 minutes
Cook time : 30 minutes
For 4 people

2 legs and thighs of preserved duck confit
2 large shallots
5 large potatoes (2.5 lb, 1 kg)
1 3/4 cup (40 cl) heavy whipping cream
1 pinch of salt and pepper
3.5 oz (100 g) foie gras de canard (or less)
2 tsp (càc) veal stock bouillon powder
12 cherry tomatoes
torn basil leaves

Preheat the oven to 356°F.


One scoop of white duck grease from the canned duck heated with the shallots in a large pot. Shred the duck meat with your fingers and heat it with the shallots until it’s nice and golden. Strain off the oil.


Peal, boil and mash four large potatoes. Taste after adding one tsp of foie gras and then a second tsp if you want a stronger flavor.


Line the mini pans with parchment paper. Fill them halfway with duck meat and press it tight into the mold. Then generously layer the mashed potatoes on top, I like to pile up mine taller than the pan. Place the mini pans into the oven for 20 min.


Place the cherry tomatoes on a baking sheet with olive oil and torn basil. Put them in the oven with the parmentier.

Peel and grate one large potato. Fry handfuls in little piles in shallow oil in a deep pot. The grated potato will stick together wherever it touches more potato, so you’ll have gorgeous patties of mini-fries ready to decorate your dish with flare! Surprisingly you can have these fried just before your guests walk in the door and they’ll still be nice an crispy after a little chat and a first course.


Heat the heavy whipping cream with a pinch of salt and pepper, allow the cream to begin to thicken.
Add the foie gras in cubes and 3 tsp of veal stock. Whisk.


The tomatoes will come out of the oven first, place three on each plate. Then use the excess parchment paper to lift the parmentiers out of their molds and carefully slide the tower onto the plate. Then pour the foie gras cream in a puddle until it fills the plate’s surface. Finally place a patty of mini-frites on top of the parmentier to decorate it. Serve hot!

Parmentier de Canard
accompagné de sa sauce Crème de Foie Gras

Préparation : 45 minutes
Cook time : 30 minutes
Pour 4 personnes

2 cuisses de canard confit
2 grosses échalotes
5 grosses pommes de terre à purée (1 kg)
40 cl de crème fraîche fluide entière
1 pincée de sel et poivre
100 gr de foie gras de canard (peut-être moins)
3 c à c fond de veau
12 tomates cerise grappe
feuilles de basilic fraiches

Faite préchauffer le four à 180°C.

Je verse deux cuillères de soupe de la graisse dans une poêle et je fais revenir les échalotes. Cependant, il faut effilocher le canard. (Une bonne marque aura un meilleur goût. Je préfère Reflets de France.) Puis je égoutte les tirés du canard et je les ajoute aux échalotes. Je les égoutte encore aussi rapidement que la graisse fond. L’idée c’est de sécher le canard pour que les parmentier tienne présentable au moment du service. Je fais dorer le canard et je l’égoutte encore.
Il faut une purée bien épaisse et stable. Choisissez donc les pommes de terre à chair ferme pour une purée dense, onctueuse et qui tient debout tout seule. 😉 La quantité du foie gras varient selon les goûts, mais aussi selon les pommes de terre choisies, s’ils ont un parfum prononcé ou pas. La règle : Commence par la moitié de foie gras, vous pouvez toujours en rajouter. Deux cuillères à café ont suffi.
Tapisses les mini moules à souffle avec du papier cuisson. Remplie le moule à moitié du canard, et appuie bien. En suite disposes une couche de purée bien généreuse. Mets le tout au four pendant 20 min.
Enfourner les tomates cerise sur une plaque de cuisson sel, poivre, 1 goutte d’huile d’olive pendant les 20 min avec le parmentier.
Râper 200 gr de pommes de terre et les faire frire.
Faire chauffer la crème salée et poivrée, laisser épaissir légèrement.
Ajouter le foie gras en cubes, 3 c à c de fond de veau, mixer le tout et faire réduire légèrement.

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