Weaknesses revealed

Day 79 of coronavirus in France

Day 28 of enforced confinement

“Nature does everything well.”

— says a popular French proverb

Or does it?

This virus has caught us off guard, has brought us to our knees, exposing our weaknesses, our frailty, our brokenness as humans, and the brokenness of nature itself.

Never has the country heard a president’s speech more humble, transparent and simple as tonight when Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, live broadcast this message tonight, “We were forced to make urgent decisions in haste. The virus was not well known, little understood. Decisions were made based on missing or constantly changing information. This experience has revealed weaknesses, fractures, lacking materials, insufficient infrastructure. The healthcare system is saturated, under tension. The epidemic is not yet under control… but France has been able to treat everyone who has contracted the virus.” (13, April, 2020)

Easter season teaches us that nature is lost beyond repair. Our human understanding of the world leads us to make decisions with the best of intentions that only cause separation and despair. We need someone strong enough to say, “You’re right, no matter how hard you try you can never redeem yourself.” We need a savior.

France has doubled the number intensive care beds.

France has multiplied by five the production of respirators.

The confinement has been prolonged until the 11th of May. A date that is hopeful, but not without conditions. The 11th of May is only possible if the entire population follows the strictest confinement protocol from now until then. He called upon our civic duty and community spirit. This date counts upon the full participation of the population not leaving their house for the next month except for basic necessities in which case the restrictions will neither tightened nor relaxed but followed strictly.

We are far from the illusive natural immunity that the world is still hoping and longing for.

We will be living with this virus for several months to come.

This is our chance to reconstruct our financial strategy, our community, our faith.

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