When they feel insecure children often respond in jealousy. Our first reaction should be to reaffirm our unchanging love. Yes, you know it, they know it, but when an outburst happens that’s a sign that it’s time again to say it out loud.

Voice your validation – take a calm moment to explain to them their emotions like a science class.

“Jealousy is when you want to spend time with someone when they’re spending time with someone else. Just like when I’m helping with homework and you… what do you do? Yeah that. Your heart was not happy. Maybe we could do that differently today and we could both have sunshine and sparkles in our hearts. Would you like that? First I will spend time with you doing your favorite thing, then you share me and I’ll help with homework, then when the homework is finished you and I will make lunch together.”

Probably they’ll still try their old habits when you break from them to invest in others, but now you have new resources. Take a moment to get down on their level and very gently verbalize their emotion. “You look jealous. That’s the emotion we were talking about earlier. Ooo, that sneaky jealousy it took you by surprise didn’t it?” Verbally remind them truth: that this is the new plan, that you did spend quality time with them, and that you will spend time with them after homework, and that you love them just as much, your love never changes.

Our children are going through a hard time and need to be reassured more than normal.

I also recommend watching together Daniel the Tiger. It’s a show that gives parents phrases to say according to different emotions.

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