The Beauty of Hand Washing

One of my neighbors says her elementary class has never been healthier.

For an entire week in the heart of flu season she had zero absences, zero runny noses. No one had the stomach flu or even a cough.

At her school the teachers are learning firsthand the power of hand washing. We’ve heard it said before, but actually putting it into practice to wash your hands after every activity makes such a noticeable difference.

It proves that the germs that the kids were catching were largely transmitted in the classroom, and we can change that. She has already determined to never to give up hand washing between every activity in her classroom even if it’s not required.

Don’t forget to balance your hand washing with building mud pies, stomping in muddy puddles, and visiting the farm.

Eat your yogurt and drink your kefir and expose yourself to all kinds of good bacteria.

But by all means, wash your hands before and after different kinds of activities and entering different spaces.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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