Covid Reinfections

60% of people who recover from Covid do not have antibodies.

Research: COVID-19: not all patients develop protective antibodies by Medical University of Vienna

Just because you have antibodies doesn’t mean you are protected.

Research: Antibodies in serum of convalescent patients following mild COVID‐19 do not always prevent virus‐receptor binding by Allergy published by European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Documented cases of reinfection include cases that are worse the second time around.

Genomic evidence for reinfection with SARS-CoV-2: a case study by Elsevier Ltd.

Most cases of reinfection are not documented because in the midst of a global pandemic when the medical staff of your town is treating people with symptoms most recovered people are not going back to get two negative test results after first infection.

There are multiple reasons:

  • They are glad to get back to doing all the things they missed during quarantine dentist appointments and administrative tasks.
  • They are tired. Their body is worn out from fighting this fight and they don’t want to add another thing on the to do list. Fatigue often lasts up to six months and anti-bodies would have worn off by then anyhow.
  • The doctors aren’t prescribing tests for well people because the labs can’t handle an increased work load.
  • They don’t know that testing is useful. Then all the people who are reinfected remain undocumented because scientific research requires two negative test results between the two positives.

Protect the loved ones

Studies show that you can protect the loved ones of the friends you see.

Wash your hands after everything. Wear your mask correctly.

Air out your rooms often. It’s as simple as this : A room, a bar and a classroom.

If you present with symptoms seek treatment before severe or long-term side effects appear.

Hierarchize your social interactions. Give priority to those relationships that are most fulfilling. Seeing fewer people doesn’t have to mean less satisfaction if you are intentional about spending time doing things that are meaningful to you.

Spread the message. Share scientific links with your friends. Knowledge is power. Truth will set you free. You support denouncing the stigmatism of miscarriages, cancer or mental health. Speak up to denounce the stigmatism of people protecting their loved ones all over town. Close your eyes and let the faces of friends and neighbors pass before your mind. Who do you know that would be in danger if this disease entered their household?

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