Lit Baldaquin Créateur – Custom Crib Canopy

The wooden wall support was designed and hand carved by Augustin Lacker.

The pattern for the curtains were designed and drawn up by Magali Laforest at ML Art et Design Paris.

The dream and the sewing completed by yours truly 0:)

Here’s the story…

From the day we found out we were having a girl, Rob’s first reaction was, “Under no circumstances are we painting the room pink.” Ha ha.

I knew I was going to have to be creative. So, basically from that moment on,  I dreamt of a whimsical canopy to add a frilly feminine touch. I suppose I could have just bought curtains to accomplish the same thing, but we didn’t have a baby room at the time, and window shapes and sizes are as different as night and day. So what was I going to invest my nesting energy into?

At six months pregnant my travel was limited so I knew I would have more time around the house than I was accustomed to, and I was looking for a past-time. So at six and a half months pregnant I started buying the materials. I think that trip across town on March 20th might have been too ambitious. But I knew I had a month and a half before baby arrived to finish this project. Then March 22nd, surprise, Cupcake came out of the oven five weeks early! And since everything was already purchased, I would have to find time to sew the curtains with my baby in tow… It took four full days of pinning and sewing, but in reality it took a whole year to schedule those days intermittently since I was relying on borrowing friend’s sewing machines.

The canopy was finally ready to be hung just in time for Cupcake’s first birthday!

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