Duck Steak With Lychees and Red Curry Sauce


Duck Steak With Lychees and Red Curry Sauce

Dinner is served in twenty minutes with this fusion dish featuring a Thai spin on a classic French dish.


2 Duck breast steak (magret de canard) about 1 lb each.

1 TBSP (càs) Thai red curry paste

1 L Coconut milk

1 can (500 g) Lychees (litchis)

1 cup Thai jasmine rice


Preparation Countdown:

-0:20 minutes — Start rice.

Set the table. Open the cans and cartons for quick retrieval. Checker the fat side of the steak. Strain the lychees and reserve the juice.

-0:12 minutes — Preheat a large saucepan.

-0:10 minutes — Sear the steaks fat side down in the saucepan for five minutes.

-0:05 minutes — Remove the steaks to a cutting board. Simmer the Thai red curry paste in the hot saucepan for two minutes while slicing the steaks into strips.

-0:03 minutes — Re-introduce the steak strips into the curry with the coconut milk and lychee fruit. Bring up to temperature three minutes. Salt and pepper to taste and add reserved lychee juice to taste. The sweet will counteract the hot for kids’ palates.

-0:00 minutes — Serve over jasmine rice.


Duck Steak Preparation Video Tutorial Here

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