Mamie’s Dressing

Will The Real French Dressing Please Stand Up?
Despite what the Heinz would have you believe there exists no bright reddish-orange dressing in France. Does anyone out there know why they decided to call their ketchup based dressing French?

What I’m presenting to you is a true French dressing like Grandma used to make. Better yet, it’s still the dressing choice of young people today. When I first moved to Paris I was taken aback by all the young twenty-somethings that only exclusively use a home-blend of herbs and spices. When I found out how simple it is I have never bought salad dressing again.

Some of you will recognize this as a variation called Dijon-Vinaigrette, but don’t be surprised if the flavor is more subtle and refined than those of the supermarket variety pumped full of sweeteners and preservatives.

Mamie’s Dressing

Three parts olive oil
One part wine vinegar
One part dijon mustard
Dash of provincial herbs (thyme, rosemary, majoram)
Fresh ground pepper corns, less than the herbs
Whisk! Voilà!

To be served immediately on salads, potatoes, carrots or to dip your fresh baked baguette in.

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