The Pandemic Within The Pandemic

President Macron addressed the French people live tonight concerning the advancing circulation of the new virus strains.

7000 intensive care rooms are filling up. Hospital staff are working overtime.

After several months of successfully keeping ahead of the curve, we now have no choice but to again mobilize student interns and retired health staff to meet increasing demands.

Plans have been set into motion to reach a total of 10,000 intensive care beds.

Health safety and our children’s education has taken priority over everything else. Since June of last year our children have been back to attending school in the classroom. France would rather rearrange the school calendar than see children fall behind in their studies as we experienced last year.

Since September evolving restrictions have been ever present. Telecommuting has become standardized. Museums, theme parks, theaters, cinemas and restaurant dinning rooms have been closed. Gathering is forbidden, except for churches and for that, I praise the Lord.

Starting Monday the kids will have only one week of distance learning followed by two weeks of school break. If all goes according to plan kids will return to the classroom April 26th.

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