The Knight in Shining Armor

How to harness your inner knight and quest against injustice within your family.

A heroic attitude of helpfulness

The knight acknowledges that it is perfectly normal for children to stall, and resist. The knight is also wise and sees into the heart of the child to read his pain, sadness, and anger, knowing that his role as knight is needed even more during stress and emotional overload.

A gentle way with words

Everyone knows that knight are renowned for their impeccable etiquette. Their strength is defined by employing a soft start up (good morning, I love you, may I please…) and undertaking each quest with the utmost gentleness and respect.

A reassuring confidence

The knight exudes confidence that reassures the child that they are on the same team. He also paints a picture of a time in the future that the child will share his confidence and be able to do this on their own. He is careful not to be condescending so that the child feels showered with love.

A restoration through validation

The knight interprets the big emotion and gives it a name. When he doesn’t know the name of the monster he looks it up in the big book of legends, (vengeful, panicked, resigned, etc.) or makes up a scary name for it (stonewall-ice-ogre). It is only after the name has been agreed upon that the child and the knight can join arms against the intruder together.

A radiating calm

The knight has complete control over his cardiac synchronization. When he wants to override mounting tensions he can mindfully slow his heart rate. His refusal to be taunted will demonstrate a calm that is contagious. He can bestow this power to the child through a gentle touch that radiates calm and communicates, we’re in this together.

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