All Estimations Were Wrong

Day 51 of the Coronavirus in France (part 3)

The math was wrong. Today anyone over 75 doesn’t get a ventilator in hospitals in the east of France, according to a doctor on a TV interview today.

France appeared organized. 5000 recovery rooms and 7000 ICU units were prepped and waiting.

“France is 15 days behind and they will never catch up,” a doctor shared his disgust and overwhelm today on live TV. I can’t find a link to the broadcast to give you a credible source like always. If anyone finds it let me know, please.

In France 50% of ICU patients are under 60, (source).

Here’s a study of healthy children that have recovered from ICU in China. (source)

France isolated another coronavirus on in April and May of 2013 but they were able to contain it. (source) This one is different from anything you’ve ever seen.

The army has moved in.

Listen to South Korea. They want to teach the world how to slow the virus. (source)

Please don’t wait for the epidemiologist.

Don’t wait for it to be trendy.

And certainly don’t wait for the government.

Your choice is lose a lot of money, or lose a lot of lives.

France is not testing people. We have learned you should test as many people as possible. (source)

France is not following isolation protocol for HEALTHY people who are still leaving their homes and spreading it around.

I don’t smile much these days. I spend a lot of time on video calls. My message is adamant. This can be slowed. You will get the flu while you are self-isolating. You don’t think you will, but you will.

Know where you want to be when that happens. Know what symptoms to stay home with – and – what symptoms to call 911. Are you following protocol? Don’t go out.

Don’t send me a care package. I can’t open it. I’m not opening mail.

I find myself reassuring friends, school at home is a facade. Do what you can. Do what brings joy. Abide in the father. Consume truth. Some will be healthy for a few days and be able to get through a few lessons. Sure. Do it. But understand that when you’re turn to get sick comes, you’re going to forget e-learning and that stack of classics you expected to read. In the meantime do what you can while you’re healthy to enjoy life and enjoy your family.

Canal+ offers free cable for everyone.

Grocery stores offer online orders for delivery or pick-up. Every once in a while there’s a flux, the delivery trucks aren’t used to delivering three weeks worth of supplies at a time, so sometimes there’s a glitch. But they reassure us there is plenty of food.

Pharmacies are open, but you can’t go in. You wait outside and slip your order under the door/gate and they fill it.

France tonight guaranteed that no businesses would go into bankruptcy. They will have no water, electricity, and gas bills to pay.

Government has been suspended – except decisions regarding the pandemic.

The national guard and police have been mobilized to keep people in their homes. Starting tomorrow at noon no one leaves their house. Except for healthcare workers. There is a 600€ fine if you leave your house without a permit.

The Military are called in to set up a mobile hospitals around the country. (source)

If this sounds like a sci-fi movie. It’s not. This is life. If you don’t want to live this nightmare motivate your state, motivate your neighbors, to stay inside today, not tomorrow, not next week. TODAY

— UPDATE — There is still hope for the patients over 75 keep reading…

The story continues in my Coronavirus log here.

—UPDATE— This post has gotten a lot of attention, but unfortunately some readers have missed the point: The military are helpers, and to win this war we need more helpers.

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