Thanksgiving 2009

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin
The beautiful sunrise helped motivate us to get into the kitchen and get the bread started before breakfast.
The baking continued all through the day!
Special anti-tear onion slicing goggles!
Dad’s favorite chocolate meringue pie from scratch. This time we actually had crisco to make it and BOY does it taste better with crisco!
Now that’s how you make pumpkin pie!

American goodies will give our feast an authentic taste!
The beautiful Chateau de Saint Albain!
Watching the Macy’s parade (my grandparents recorded last year’s event on DVD so we could watch it a year late;) They even sang one of our gospel choir songs, and we sang along!
Cinnamon Rolls and Blueberry Muffins for Breakfast!
(Another treat that really profited from the crisco. At home I usually substitute butter, they taste great, but they are flat as a quarter. So it was fun to watch them puff up and stay all crinkly.)
Gramie’s rolls have never turned out better in France!
Our Thanksgiving table !!! With plenty of room for all 29 in our extended family this year! Everyone shared something they were thankful for. For many, it was a first time experience. One friend just thanked us again last night for introducing him to the concept of Thankfulness.
Now that’s a Turkey!
29 lbs is a BIG beast of a bird!
Yum, yum, eat’em up!
Everyone pitched in to do the dishes.
Walking off the calories.
S’mores and Games!
Nichole raking the kitchen – a minute earlier you couldn’t see the tile for the pile of leaves that had accumulated.

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