The Search for a Pastor

We went to a combined worship service for several churches and we started talking about looking for a pastor and recruiting volunteers for free Bible tables. We talked to the pastors who were present and each one said that keeping up with their flock kept them busy and they didn’t really have time in their schedule to reach out to the community.

There were several seminary students there so we tried to hang around with them and get to know them a little bit. Two guys presented themselves as gifted evangelists. My face lit up, really, real evangelists! But when I invited them to pass out free Bibles with us they all said they were too busy with classwork they don’t have time for outreach events.

Needless to say I was flabbergasted, and deeply disappointed. I was very down and depressed for a couples weeks as I mulled over this new information. It may be harder than we thought to find the right pastor. I suddenly felt very alone. Is nobody doing outreach in Paris?

Okay, then I got over my little pity-party. We have been short of volunteers this year, but passing out Bibles is the biggest pick-me-up we have. Seeing floods of students interested in taking home the word of God just brightens my day.

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