GREGORI (new updated version)

This summer we have been trying out Bible tables at a different location. Since the schools are closed we have been setting up in front of the shopping center called Chatelet in the middle of town.

The last table we did a young man came up looking for a church. He said he didn’t think he was a Christian, but he would like to be. As it turned out the following Sunday one of our guys, named Mickael, just happened to be filling the pulpit at a church we partner with sometimes. So Mickael invited Gregori to come along just as naturally as can be.

We were also planning on going to support our friend as he gave his first message at this church. Gregori showed up late to the service, I think he missed all of the singing, but walked in just in time for Mickael to take the podium. The first thing Mickael did was pause to greet Gregori and introduce him to the group. When everyone was settled in with smiles on their faces Mickael gave his sermon.

After the service was over Mickael, Gregori, and and several members of the church prayed together, Gregori gave his life to Christ, and we all stayed after for a carry-in dinner.

Since we have our own church plant we don’t attend this partner church on a regular basis. Mickael meets with Gregori individually throughout the week to read a Gospel story and model Christ. We already meet weekly with Mickael for prayer and encouragement. Now Mickael is also calling at least once a week looking for advice on discipling Gregori so Rob has become his mentor in this area.

Praise the Lord for Divine Appointments! Pray for Mickael as he mentors Gregori and fans into flame in Gregori’s newfound faith and a relationship with God.

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