House Hunting


Apartments Visited : 5
Candidatures Submitted and Rejected : 3
Candidatures Pending : 0
Agencies that don’t answer our phone calls : 7
Con Artists Revealed (Crooks who try to scam you for money transfers in exchange for apartments that don’t even exist!) : 2

Inspirational Thoughts of the day:

“It is through our faithfulness in caring for the work of God that we allow Him to show his faithfulness in caring for our burdens.” -Mickael 7-19-08

“Sabbath is sacrificing my striving on the alter of the sovereignty of God.” -Nichole 8-01-08

“I’m going to miss the living room window and the beautiful view of the clouds rolling by.” -Nichole 8-11-08

“Trusting God is admitting you’re tired of trying to control things yourself.” -Billy Graham 8-17-08

“God is never late but seldom early.” -Giselu 8-17-08

“God brought us out to bring us in, He didn’t bring us out to leave us in the wilderness!” – Giselu 8-17-08

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