Protein Frappuccino

“When we get home can you make me a frappuccino with ice cream and protein powder and I can make my famous eggs? Then I can have frappuccino and eggs with steak and bacon!” — Cami, 8yrs old.

Seeing her enthusiasm for protein and helping to cook, I decided this was a good time to reveal what was in her frappuccino shakes that she’s been enjoying for the last few months to help her bulk up.

So first I asked her what she thought was in it that made it extra silky-smooth and fluffy-frothy and she listed icecream and protein powder. So I prompted again and asked what do we put in other recipes that she’s helped with that make things get fluffy. This time she was able to immediately guess eggs and we remembered together the last time she whipped egg whites with a wisk and saw them magically turn to white fluff. So we would put them in the blender and let the blender whip them fluffy.

1/2 cup Greek full fat plain yogurt
`1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cups ice
1 scoops favorite ice-cream
1 egg
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 avocado
1 coffee

Health notes:
Check all the packages to make sure your ingredients are clean and don’t contain added sugars and additives.
Leave out the coffee for the kids, they’ll love just as much.

True confessions, in the depths of my heart I have a strong value for not being deceptive, and ideally I want this value to extend to transparency at the table, where I would never have to hide ingredients in foods. And I do believe it is more powerful for a child to choose to eat spinach rather than thinking they’re eating a muffin. But life went lopsided. It feels good to have her on board again scooping the avocado and cracking the eggs into the shake.

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