Why Pilgrims Use Maps

Today, a week after my return, I am still learning new things about how life is a pilgrimage. I see reflections of this everywhere in my life.

Pilgrims use maps. Some pilgrims never open their maps as they travel in groups and simply follow other pilgrims as sheep one right after another. But how do you know which sheep to follow, for example? And even the followers pull out their maps when we arrive at a difficult intersection.
So today I looked at my Bible setting on the couch and the thought came to me,

“The map doesn’t tell you where to place each footstep on the path, it tells us which signs to look for along the route.”

Perhaps it tells us what kind of people to follow and which villages we walk through. It may not dictate which rock to step on while crossing the brook, but it does suggest qualities found in trustable rocks so we can make wise decisions when we reach the brook ourselves.


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