Today the little ones were instructed to save the little lego men who got trapped in ice cubes. They were given excavating tools: tongs to grip, an eye dropper, a rubber bulb, a paint brush, a spray bottle and a cup of warm water.

Cupcake went to town squirting, spraying, and brushing and decided quickly that the spray bottle was not fast enough, so she unscrewed the top and efficiently poured the water over the ice-cube-trapped-figurines.

From there, it only took a matter of minutes before she deduced that the system could be improved upon. If an eye dropper full of water worked well, why not take the men to the water instead of the water to the men?

…and so ended our ice excavation.

Brillant? Maybe. But when she gets to kindergarten she’s going to get in trouble for not following the instructions. Sigh

DSC06740 DSC06741

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