les Dix Commandements

Je viens de recevoir ce message d’une amie : Selon un sondage, les Américains sont plus calés sur les ingrédients entrant dans la composition du Big Mac de McDonald’s que sur les Dix Commandements de la Bible.
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I don’t find the results surprising considering the Big Mac gets much more publicity than the 10 Commandments.

People are already responding to this article by posting online their versions of the 10 Commandments in songs and rap. Personally, I don’t think memorizing a rap about the 10 Commandments is the solution to the world’s problems. People don’t trust the 10 Commandments anymore. The real reason we have forgotten the 10 Commandments is that society no longer believes these principles will make their life better. But society does not understand what it means to truly LOVE, because society has never experienced what it means to be truly LOVED.

– Neo Realist

Afin d’AIMER veritablement,
il faut d’abord, savoir que tu es
veritablement AIMÉ par Dieu!

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