10 Commandments

A French friend (and atheist) just e-mailed me this link. According to a recent survey more Americans can quote the 7 ingredients in a Big Mac than the 10 Commandments.

Reuters article

The results are sad, but not surprising considering the Big Mac gets much more publicity than the 10 Commandments. People are already responding to this article by posting online their versions of the 10 Commandments in songs and rap.

This week we have had many intellectual (even theological) discussions on everything including Altruism, Love, reasons why believing in God makes sense, Being good, World hunger, and Defining immorality. Right now I’m writing a response to a friend’s question about whether it is possible for an atheist to achieve altruistic acts of kindness. I’m saying that I think mankind always has a hidden selfish motive. I think my friend will disagree and try to prove he can do good and expect no reward.

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