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My Vision: To bring true peace and unity to the world we live in so that we can all live as one family (in our garden of eden and with all our house pets)!

Since posting this blog, a number of my friends have asked me what is its relevance. Some have also rejected the idea of discussing the philosophies of life with a religious or spiritual underlining. But here is my question to you – isn’t everything in life defined by religious or spiritual belief? Even if we don’t believe in the Christian concept of God, whether another religion or none at all, we still have our beliefs and our morals and ethics.

So, what defines our beliefs and the way we behave? What provides with our concept of what is right and wrong? Is it really human nature? I don’t think so. I don’t particularly believe in a “religion” per se, but I do question what is the nature of our beliefs. After reading the bible, the most profound idea from it is the concept of “love thy neighbour”. But isn’t it in our animal instinct to fight to survive? So in essence to love thy neighbour is completely contradictory to our human nature. So to live in peace and harmony is a foreign concept. Do you really believe that this could have been brought on by some idealistic people, or is it that there is some higher being pulling the strings. Whether that means necessarily that there is a god or which religion we should follow is questionable as there are so many to choose from, and potentially maybe “The Matrix” is not so far fetched after all.

So, personally, who knows whether there is a God or a supercomputer pulling the strings, but clearly the message being driven is to live in piece and harmony.

My concept of “Café Petal” is one in which to gather thoughts and ideas on how better to survive in a world which is driven by greed and money. Where our minds are so easily influenced by marketing strategies in order to waste our efforts (money/time) on such unnecessary tools and gadgets when there is so much pain and suffering in this world. Instead of buying that PlayStation and then spending hours playing it, we could be putting that money to better use to aid those people really in need instead of lining the wealthy corporate pockets of these big businesses like Sony. Everything we buy now is made in China made using cheap labour, sold to the western societies, again for what goal? For the executive officers to afford to buy luxury launch in the Mediterranean.

Now you can argue that spending money generates employment and as such makes for less people to support. But we are talking about our economy with maybe 10% unemployment, when you look at places in Africa and Asia where the figures are much higher! So what if instead of buying that CD to make Britney Spears another million dollars to spend on her next boob job and stint in rehab, why not put that $30 towards a charity organisation or world aid program. Or take some homeless person into a restaurant and offer him or her a meal, and buy them some clothes. Or even put it into buying some seeds and go into the forest and plant them.

The biggest difficulty in unifying the world to be truly at peace, to be a world “sans frontiere” (without boundaries) is to remove the greed of our wealthy. And I would say that all of us who live in the western world are “wealthy”. Because we are fortunate to be able to feed ourselves and have hospitals and infrastructure in which we can live long lives. So why spend our money on fruitless needs when there is so much suffering in the world. No matter what race, colour, religion, sex we are, we are all the same. Every man is my brother and woman is my sister, and I love them all with equality. I am no better than any of them, I am more fortunate than them (and most even). And so I (we) should do all we can to support our brothers and sisters in this world so as to unite our family and live equally no matter where we may be.

I don’t have all the answers, but I think to find them we need to open our minds and our hearts and speak what we believe in order to find a way to step forward. My wish is that one day (in my lifetime) that there is unity amongst earths wonderful people, environment and animal kingdom with no boundaries between countries. A world in which those countries more fortunate choose to willingly share their knowledge and wealth to create and support sufficient infrastructures for all towns and cities! So that my global family is whole once more!

That’s my thoughts for a Thursday morning after too few hours sleep when I should be working!

– Maestro di Amore

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