LOVE – an invitation for you

“He loves me, he loves me not …”

Welcome guests. Chant the poem along with us. This is where the petals fall. Ask the hard questions. These are questions everyone has asked, and we, your authors, have asked them ourselves. Allow yourself to be swept away, and discover the truth at the end of the song …

Thanks Maestro di Amore, for the definition of love. Perhaps our ramblings and verbal doodles will lead us in quite varied directions, but I whole-heartedly agree it is difficult to discuss such important subjects without clear definitions of underlying concepts, in this case, love.

Just last night around the table a long time friend of mine hinted that he is loosing interest in his church. I believe the reasons were that he doesn’t feel needed (i.e. useful) and that the folks there aren’t living solidarity. When mr.anti-war is sitting next to they don’t find much to talk about.

It’s a sad commentary if we can not hold a variety of views on issues like this and still love God, love the world around us, feed the poor, and just plain love each other for being human. Maybe I read too many books.

Maybe it’s this crazy Parisian culture I live in where you build friendships based on whether you can argue your philosophical beliefs with conviction and wit, as opposed to whether you all hold the same convictions. It doesn’t bother me if I’m sitting next to someone who holds radically different political or social views. They have come to their conclusion, as I have, over time, influenced by life experiences. (inevitably different experiences than mine)

I would want my church to be full of people who are very different, who represent different ideals, and who can sharpen each other. So I welcome all of our readers to join the discussion, I don’t care what ideals you hold, just please don’t discriminate against those who hold other views at my table. 🙂

– Neo-Realist

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