Club 3.0

It’s a Thirty-Something club started by a new friends of ours. Some of you may even recognize the name of the restaurant we meet in, Le Pub Saint Germain, as one the trendiest restaurants in town.

Jacques is the club president and a friend of a friend. This week we went and we sat at a table with some new guests. It turns out that the new guys we met are friends of friends with Jacques. And we had invited a member of the choir, Julien, who immediately recognized Jacques as a friend of his friend as well !!! Is there anyone who doesn’t know Jacques?

Jacques is amazing. His last name is “The Strong” in French. He’s a graduate of an Ivy League school, and everything he touches turns to gold. We have been really blessed since we have made his acquaintance and we consider him a friend already. In fact he might be near the top of the list of people we want to get to know more.

“How long do you think it will be
before Jacques is elected Mayor of Paris?”
– a question I heard Nicholas asking his guest.

Jacques invites a famous or well-established Thirty-Something to be put on the spot each month. And there in the chic upper-room of the restaurant, in a candle lit atmosphere, our social circles collide. We get to hear, how they’ve gotten to their achievements thus far, and any messages they would like to share with their peers. So far they have interviewed an Architect, a Singer, a Priest, a Businessman, and the most influential Blogger in France.

The room is packed every time boasting 50+ guests and guests of guests. After the meeting we stayed and chatted with the folks at the table, then we went downstairs and enjoyed a chat over dinner with other friends who had been scattered throughout the room during the meeting. Topics of conversation included : Our Gospel choir, What do Protestants believe?, The challenge of finding an apartment in Paris, Are all people who claim to follow God going to heaven?, Do you have to have religion to follow God?, Plus the works and writings of St. Augustine came up twice! I’ll write more in a paper letter soon.

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