Inventors – Round Two

Tonight was the 2 hour special where they narrow down the contestants and choose 6 inventors who will go on to the next round. Each of the six will get 15 thousand euros and a team of experts to build a prototype, plan a marketing campaign and improve their product. The six chosen where:
– the coat that turns into a tent & vice/versa (of course! It is quite ingenious I have to admit.)
– a swiss army knife for women that has make-up built in.
– an energy-saving outlet to plug your TV into
– a laser razor (elliminates unwanted hair with blinking light)
– a women’s trench coat that has belts to strap your baby into the coat (so you don’t need a separate baby backpack or sling)
and my personal favorite:
– a vertical barbeque grill with a remote control

The one invention that I thought should have been kept, and moreover: I hope to find in the stores soon, was a trash can with little feet on it that helps you empty the can. Someone could simply stand on it’s feet while lifting the trash bag. This eliminates lifting the entire can as you lift the bag! A problem we all have, a solution that’s simple, and effective. I’d buy one.

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