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For the last couple years I (Rob) have been involved in helping out with a current events and debate class at a French university outside Paris. I have switched this year to concentrate on helping out with the ENPC Debate Club. This past Saturday I was able to do some adjudicating (judging) for a tournament. It was lots of fun and I feel very comfortable about my judging abilities in debate. What was reallly cool is that I was approached by a student who said “Aren’t you in Hope Gospel Singers?” … it was someone from the choir who was their representing another school in Paris. I was also able to have some great conversations with some fellow judges who are students in Paris (Carlos- who is Greek/British and Loren- who is Australian). Pray for more opportunities to share about Christ through this “bridge” and also that relationships would grow as a result of the time invested in it.
Here are Some debating links:
The French Debating Association
Info about the format of debate
Please do not hesitate to respond or ask questions about any stories we may share.

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