The Painter Comes to Our Home

Today marks a very important day! After two days of water leaking through our roof, nearly a year of waiting for insurance to claim the damage, and over a dozen visits by the construction company to decide what repairs would be necessary, then finally the painter could arrive. So just recently we have spent the last two weeks with the painter coming and going and coming and going.

It went something like this … Wednesday we get a call that the painter is available Thursday. We then spend the whole night disassembling shelving and emptying out the room for our 9am appointment. 9am, 10am, 11am, we call the painting company and apparently our guy is on his way, 11:30 he shows up at the door.

The first visit was scraping loose paint off the wall, the following visit will include plastering to smooth things over, but evidently the painter doesn’t know when he can possibly come back and will have to check in with the office and let them schedule another appointment. So after two years of waiting for one visit, we figured it could be a long time before another. So we spent the next two days reassembling the shelves and arranging all of our belongings. Guess what!? Monday we get another call, yes that’s right, they can come again Tuesday. I was almost upset because I was looking forward to having my house in order for at least a week, and we had invited company over. Our place is too small to get away with having a whole room full of furniture pushed to one side of the room.

So the saga continued several weeks: with last minute phone calls, and rushing to move furniture. But after two coats of paint our room looks entirely different. It’s bright and cheery. And I hung our new curtains (which we inherited from colleagues that left france nearly a year and a half ago, but I kept waiting for the painting to be completed before I bothered changing the curtain rods). Voilà!

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