Smart Car

Following a very nice, rather artistic dinner fait maison (made from scratch) hosted by Franck. He proposed a stroll and guided us through this very nice residential neighborhood where all the buildings are tall beautiful stone appartment houses. While wandering the streets aimlessly, we were astonished by the number of Smart Cars driving around us. In fact as we began to notice with more interest there were at least five smart cars parked on every street! And so this entry will be a collection of our favorite smart car photos.

One of my faovrite French comercials is for this car. They show a smart car whose parking meter has run out of time just as the Meter-reader is casually approaching. You start feeling pity for this tiny little car who is barely taking up half of a space and whose owner can not be found. The meter-reader begins writing out a ticket, but before they have time to complete it … yes you guessed it … Another smart car wizes around the corner, pulls into the remaining half of space with ease, quickly drops a coin in the meter, and voilà! he’s saved!! The meter-reader stands astounded and two “smarts” sit happily side by side in one place.

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