Spontaneous Encounters

Okay, I’ve got a great story, so it’s Sunday night and we’re out with our Chaddian friend Abdel who was “the spot light” for a silent film festival. It was top (classy and well done) affair. The big beautiful theater was complete with chandelers and two balconies. From the top balcony I had the impression I was royalty watching an opera from my private box, but the place was packed! So, where was I in this story … we had finished the show and we were talking in the foyer when somebody runs up behind me and squeezes me a big American hug. I turn around to see who it is, and what do my wondering eyes do appear, but Jennifer, the twin sister of my roommate in college.

So, still talking about that moment at the theater where I am frozen in a hug with arms wrapped around me and I don’t know who they belong to… And when I turn around my first impulse is, “Who set this up?” Surely somebody has been making plans behind my back to arrange this encounter. But … um, no! It was a simple surprise, planned only by God.

So we exchanged contact info, and decided to meet up Monday after lunch.

Now just in case somebody out there is thinking Alyce’s twin isn’t named Jennifer … you’re right. Two of my old roomies still room together in Seattle AND they both have twins, ha, ha. So right now Jennifer Nicholas (twin to Deb) is in Paris and staying at our place after spending two years with the Peace Corps in Benin, Africa. And next she is headed to America and will rejoin Alyce & Debo in Seattle soon.

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