Vitraux Betteraves aux Chèvre – Stained Glass with Beets and Goat Cheese

Quelle jolie présentation !!! You know how they say not every recipe you find on pinterest turns out like the photo… Well this gorgeous presentation turned out to be a cinch to replicate.

I’ve subscribed to a local organic coop and receive a basket of seasonal vegetables. Merci De la Terre à l’Assiette ! This recipe is an amazing employ of fresh winter veggies. It looks like a parfait, but it’s as healthy as a salad. I used three large yellow carrots, three large orange carrots, and three large beets. The original post used only beets but in three different colors. In the future I’ll use the full fifteen; I had plenty of room for more veggies.

Vitraux Betteraves aux Chèvre (French)

24 parts as shown

Ingredients :
15 legumes de racine, taille grande, varieté de couleurs
500 g Chèvre à tartiner
2 Clémentines
Pistaches pour garniture
Fleur de sel

Épluchez les légumes.
Faites les bouillir (les blancs séparé des rouges!) jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient tendres, environ 30 minutes.
Disposez-les en fines tranches.
Soit recouvrir deux moules à cake avec du film étirable, soit acheter deux moules de congelation en aluminum.
Alterner les légumes et le chèvre en commençant avec les plus clair, et terminer avec les betteraves. (Le fromage n’est pas étalé uniformément, c’est presque impossible de tout façon 😉
Pressez et laissez sous poids lourd la nuit. J’ai posé une brique de lait la dessous.
Tranchez et présentez avec clémentines, pistaches et fleur de sel.
Servez avec un bon pain et des jeunes pousses de salade.


Stained Glass Beets with Goat Cheese (English)

15 Colorful root vegetables, large sized, in a mixed variety.
500 g (1 lb) Soft goat cheese
2 Clementine oranges
Pistachios for garnish
Fleur de sel (fancy sea salt)

Peel the veggies.
Cook them in boiling water (white ones separate from red ones!) until soft, about 30 minutes.
Slice thinly.

The instructions suggested lining a brad tin with plastic wrap, but I bought two aluminum loaf pans and the terrine popped right out perfectly.
Start layering the vegetable slices and goat cheese starting with the lighter coloured ones first, ie golden beets, white carrots, or parsnips and ending with the beets last. (The cheese is not spread evenly, it would be nearly impossible to do so 😉
Compress and leave a heavy weight on it overnight, I placed a carton of milk on top.
Slice and display with oranges, pistachios and fleur de sel.
Serve with crusty bread and leafy greens.


IMG_0773Thanks Frances Janis for this splendid idea!


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