The Secret To A Never Ending Honeymoon – Rosemary Potatoes

“Marriage is a honeymoon that never ends.” – Nichole (Especially if your honey makes you Rosemary Potatoes!)

These two lovebirds discovered this recipe in Berlin, Germany while we were on our honeymoon. It’s become a family favorite. The scent of rosemary and olive oil never fail to take us right back. It’s so simple, you’ll have time to write a love letter while it’s cooking…

Eggs & sausages cooked separately. Sorry, you’re on your own.

Two medium white skinned potatoes, diced into centimeter squares. Leave the skin on.

Heat two tablespoons of fragrant olive oil in a skillet. Toss in the potatoes. Scissor-snip the greens from three rosemary branches over the potatoes while they cook effortlessly (no stirring just yet). Once the bottoms are nice and golden flip the potatoes, and then ‘Do Not Disturb’ them until they’re brown on the other side. Only after they’re thoroughly cooked, can you start cooking your eggs in a separate skillet, while now stirring the potatoes from time to time. Sprinkle with giant sea salt. Serve *HOT*.

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