Serve the City – Community Service Week

Lumberjack Rob
Lumberjack Rob trimmed trees for three whole days !!!
Good Triumphs 
A sprout shoots off to the left, yesterday there were five or six sprouts, they were each chopped off at ground level. Today a new shoot is back with a vengeance!!! So I took out the whole root, and it was a beast!

 Nam’s Hospitality
Lovely fresh squeezed lemonade refreshes our hard workers with a much needed pause.
Nam refinishes the floor.

Nichole cleaned and restocked the pantry, ready to go!

Orchard Apples
We let them soak up the summer sun as long as possible.

Breakfast on the Terrace
The perfect excuse to get out of bed early each morning. It’s starting to get chilly in the mornings, but this terrace beacons us back next spring.

Demeure de Charme
Charming Abode” eight bedrooms, cozy fireplaces, multi-media room…
It was a pleasure to make this possible, every volunteer that participated is anticipating coming back soon!

Apple Harvest
Several kilos of apples, and we already ate a kilo, and I have another kilo in my apartment in Paris, and there are still apples ripening on the trees!

Preparing for winter.

Multimedia Room – The South View
The ceiling is three meters tall.

Multimedia Room – The North View
Imagine a projector screen on this wall.

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