Love isn’t love until it’s given away – Donate Reusables

This week I sorted stuff to give away. My fridge benefited from a total makeover. And when I saw these two gigantic glass jars half empty, I immediately thought of our local Soup Kitchen.

At the Soup Kitchen they sometimes run out of seats at the tables, so they serve to-go meals to the rest of the crowd standing outside. The really large jars allow them to serve generous 1 1/2 Cup servings to-go. Piping hot soup on a cold day is just one more way we can help our friends on the street to keep warm.

When they run out of giant jars they resort to using the smaller 1 Cup jars, and I happen to know they are looking for donations of larger jars right now. I emptied my two large jars into two smaller jars. That way my fridge enjoys more space and I can reinforce the stock at my Soup Kitchen at the same time !

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