Hardwood Floors

Great idea. No filthy residue. Dries quickly and easily leaving an eye catching shine! What’s the secret? Vinegar and water will shine up your hardwood floors better than any newfangled product out there. I got this idea from some friends with impeccable sparkling floors! I was blown away when I found out how simple their secret was.

Mix 1/2 cup (.25L) of vinegar with one gallon (4L) of warm water. Wipe your floors with a soft cotton cloth. A Tee-shirt tied to a dust-mop or swiffer will do large surfaces quicker. Immediately dry with a soft towel.

Vinegar just happens to be antibacterial too, so that’s a plus for some people out there. You can throw in a splash of dish soap if you want to add a light scent, but you’ll really be surprised at how quickly the vinegar smell dissipates as the liquid evaporates.

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