Have you guys seen this film? It’s the first French film to be released simultaneously on the big screen in a 100 countries, on DVD, and on the internet for free! It’s a pretty incredible format for propaganda.

Tonight our neighborhood young adults club invited us to a private showing in a cinema down the street from us. They even lined up a DJ and served free drinks and snacks afterward to promote discussion.

I love the artistic photography, and the music was compelling. I really appreciated their constant reference to evolutionary miracles. “And so a miracle took place, life.”

And I’m pretty interested in helping the planet – especially if I’m proposed simple ways to do so. Don’t buy palm oil, eucalyptus, or soy products. Cut your beef consumption in half. Boycot shrimp farms, only eat wild seafood.

The thing is, we all hear these ultimatums and consumer advice everyday. But no one has ever explained to me the BEAUTY of making a good consumer choice. Until now.


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