France Loves Obama

The other day a friend was over at the house and wanted to share Obama’s book with us. So we read a little excerpt together. It turned into a fascinating Bible study. We talked about what it means to be born again in John 3 and then went on to study the book of Philippians.

In his book Obama was supposedly telling the story about how he found faith. But to those of us reading it didn’t look like he found a relationship with a living God at all. It looked like he found a social club called a church. Hope I’m wrong about that. My first clue, though, was when my athiest friend turned to me after reading a chapter and said, “I could have written that.”

Any way here are some quotes from a country that is very excited about America’s new president. Every magazine and newspaper has been talking about Obama for an entire week. They’re saying good things about you. America has a great reputation over here right now, and everywhere we go people are congratulating me with, “Felicitations!”“One thing is for sure this guarantees that America is irreproachable. No one can say anything bad about America because no matter what else she might do, she has taken a stand for human rights in a way no one else has dared.”“America has always had a capacity to take you by surprise. You can’t stay mad at her for long because she’s always changing and doing what you least expect.”“yeah, America!”

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