Our Father Knows How to Give Good Gifts


Moving took us by surprise this fall. Ironicly, putting faith in God is sometimes easier when the circumstances are so beyond your control, that you know from the start that no amount of stressing and controling can help you. That might sound too simplistic, and life is always full of surprises. Even after the crazy finding an apartment part was over we found ourselves repetedly in a needy state. But God’s grace is so big He even sent our way gifts from YOU to help furnish our house. Our friends here say it was the fastest move they’ve ever seen. We get a chance to reply giving glory to God and thanking you for your goodness on a regular basis. Everytime we open the oven we sing your praises. So here’s a little dedication to all of our generous friends who have been the hand of God to us this fall. “Our Father Knows How to Give Good Gifts!” Thank You.

Thanks to our gospel choir friends for this welcome mat that greets our guests outside the door.
Thank you to New Beginnings Church for this wonderful couch.

What? You couldn’t see the couch in that photo? hee hee hee. Here’s a better one.

Thank you to the Mahan’s for the new fridge it helps us prepare dinner every saturday night for our church group. This night it was Thomas’ turn to cook.

Thank you to the Sotos and also to Denise Hays for this great freezer. All the freezers here have drawers. Pretty nice eh? And we use it constantly it’s already full !!!
A big thank you to Martinsburg for this new bed (frame and mattress) great for piling coats when we have lots of guests. And super storage space underneath!

The closet was assembled by yours truely and Jay and Debbie Hocking. It was made possible by gifts from Pete Fussle, Peggy Walker, and Karen Myers.
The washing machine was also made possible by several gifts from Rob’s brother, Arthur Holmes, and Matt & Alkest Allen. It is a great help when we have guests.
The Martins gave us this dinning table, chairs, stove and an oven that made this delicious eggplant gratin for saturday night church group. Thanks guys for your generosity!

God even saw it fit to send a dish washer our way! Our friends Jeremy and Christelle just happened to have two at the time we were moving, so they gave us their old one. Praise God!

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