Bible Tables! – Back with a Bang!!!

This morning we headed out for the first Bible table of the new school year.We met a Christian girl who was new to Paris and attending her firs class this very day. She was SOOO very excited to meet Christians and seeing people who aren’t afraid to talk about their faith gave her courage. And boy was she chatty … “French people don’t reach out much. The only people we see doing evangelism are muslims or jehovahs witnesses [and groups like that scare people] So I’m just rejoicing to see Christians right here. French people do not do this enough.” After she and her friend left on their lunch break and then we saw them as they came back to campus an hour later. “Well, wouldn’t you know we just spent all morning talking about God!” It turns out her friend is muslim and was able to take a Bible home with her after talking about God over lunch.

One lady named Kathyrn came up and said, “I don’t know if it is the Bible you gave me a couple months back, or if it’s just God speaking to me, I’m not even a very strong believer… ” She then preceeded to tell her tesimony of some tough decisions she has to makem and how she thinks God might be guiding her.

In two hours we passed out 65 Bibles and over a dozen Gospel books. Almost all of them are in the hands of atheists who have never really considered Faith was an option for them too.

We also invited everyone who passed by to come to a student Bible Reading Club that will be hosted at a little pub students like to hang out at.

Two young men in particular stopped to chat, took Bibles, shared that they don’t believe in God, but that they are looking for truth so they would like to give our Bible Reading Club a try. Pray for them that their eyes might be opened and their hearts would embrace Jesus!

I’m writing this post as I grab a late lunch and run out the door to lead the Bible Reading Club. Off I go!

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