New Years in Portugal

Aah Portugal! We headed down to this sunny oasis for a Europe Team Conference and enjoyed a splash of sun while we were there. Paris isn’t this bright this time of year.

Nichole blowing away in the wind on a bright sunny day. We were both dying of laugher as we tried to catch ourselves on film with our eyes open. Each time we would turn the camera around to see if we were successful we would collapse in another roar of laughter. We were having so much fun that in the end we just look horrible. Here was our finished product. Not so rotten.

We stopped and had a drink in this cute little portugese cafe.

And we saw a great sunset!

On New Year’s eve the beach had their own fireworks display. It was great! Huge really. Here are the MK’s sitting in awe.

The fireworks filled the horizon as far as we could see and they lasted over an hour. I’m not kidding after forty -five minutes or so we decided to leave. It was spectacular, but it just kept going, and going, and going. So if you like long fireworks, Portugal is the place to be. Everyone was singing this song,
“These are the fireworks that never end,”
you know the rest…

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