Fall’s Bright Future

We reconnected with our spiritual family as the Martin’s hosted a dinner at their appartment. Mathilde was excitedly suggesting to others that we get together once a week for a gathering like that. This time last year we decided to carry on with two unique spiritual families because they had little in common with each other. Though they met separately each week we also encouraged a common gathering once a month, and now they are all showing concern for others who have traditionally been part of the other group. So it looks likely that we might just have one big group this fall. But several students remain on the fringes. They are my friends, but they don’t feel like the group is a good fit for them. I hope to help them find other disciples like themselves to begin their own spiritual family together.

We have great expectations for this fall. I will be spearheading a book drive to collect books in French to be sent to our churches in the Chad. The idea of taping into the spirit of good-will in this country is very exciting to me, and I anticipate it will be a great way to meet new people (believers and unbelievers). Another new opportunity that has risen is that Rob & I will be seeking a certificate that will allow us to chaperone hiking and skiing events in France. And naturally we will be continuing all of the ministries we shared about this summer as well: Bible Reading, Bible Studies, Gospel Choir, Debate Club, Cinéclub, Bible Tables, Picnics and Prayer Meetings. It’s a busy schedule, but it feels great and promises a bright future this fall.

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