Are you a high energy person?

Do you struggle staying at rest?

Scientific research has proven that adding meditation to your morning ritual will increase your physical and mental health.

But it’s so difficult to focus.

Here’s a new form of meditation I invented. Out of necessity. It just works for me. Maybe someone else out there will find it helpful.

“Fidget Reading”

• Flood your senses. Listen to the audiobook version while reading the kindle version on your desktop while taking notes / doodling / artistic expression of your response to the same thought.
• Set a timer so that you never have to look at the clock, turn off all notifications.
• Read large quantities of ancient wisdom. I began reading through the Bible this way and saw my productivity/performance skyrocket.

Recently I was asked, “Wow, thank you so much for that info. Very specific and seemingly orderly yet easy to do while doing something I’ve already found enjoyment in. Now, would you do this before or after exercising, everyday, or on a scheduled time of the day?”

Personally, I look forward to this at first light. If I have a morning meeting, I usually don’t get back into it later in the day. But on the other hand, if I get a chance to sit and “fidget read” with my morning tea or coffee … I could go on for hours and block out the rest of the world for as long as the world gives me until I’m needed to rejoin the masses. It sets the tone and fills me up to handle whatever comes my way.

“Fidget Reading with Kids”

Here in the photo is my four year old fidget reading with me. She’s been doing this for a while now, because as a toddler and preschooler she would complete the busy-bags more quickly than I could make them. Literally. It took me longer to make the activity than the time she would take to complete it. So out with that, reading a book now meant an audio book so she and “Mummy” could listen to the same thing and she could color what she heard while I took notes.

I find that having the text available vertically while I take notes horizontally is the best way to gather inspirational quotes without misquoting them and my brain likes the set up because it is flooded with information, but the same information so I stay on task not multi-tasking different thoughts at the same time. As we recently learned that the brain can only perform one cognitive task at a time.

I also like lots of colorful pens to add peps to my notes.

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