The neighbors threw a loud birthday party and kept me up all night, so spent a couple hours googling, and found a great journal article about how Paris serves as a filter impacting those it comes in contact with in various ways.
  • One in three French people who move to Paris choose not to settle in Paris.
  • Nearly half of the people who migrate to Paris are from the greater Paris area (42%).
  • The average age that someone moves to Paris is between twenty-three and twenty-four.
  • The average length of stay for newcomers in Paris is five years.
  • Those people who live for a time in the greater Paris area have a higher divorce rate (20%) than the rest of France (15%).
  • Parisians have fewer children than their provincial counterparts. In this, Paris culture is dominant, almost contagious. Provincial families who have lived any amount of time in Paris change their habits and have fewer children ; while Parisian families who leave Paris still do not produce large families.
  • Those people living in the greater Paris area have a greater chance of social mobility; they are more likely to rise a social class.
  • Parisians are 10% more likely to live out their lives single.
Bonvalet Catherine, Lelièvre Éva. Mobilité en France et à Paris depuis 1945. Le filtre parisien. In:Population, 46e année, n°5, 1991 pp. 1161-1183.

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