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I was having an interesting conversation with a pretty amazing person yesterday, and something was brought to my attention, not for the first time, but for the first time it rang true to me. Perhaps it was because the person who suggested it to me struck such a chord, but there it was.

Here in front of me was someone that I could truly love. But then I ask myself what is it to truly love? Here was someone before me that I felt I could “love”. Yet, I have so many hold-ups. Eg, I’m not settled, I’m travelling the world, I don’t know what I want, I don’t even know who I am. So, how can I make the step to say “I love you”?

Seriously, I don’t know anything about the person in front of me that day other than the feeling of connection. But a profound thing that was presented. Not for the first time, but for the first time it meant something to me. Do you believe in God? My answer – I don’t know. And then in a round about kind of way it struck me through what was being asked, which was, how can you love if you don’t love God and accept his love in return? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it fell deep that its true that I cannot truly love and accept love in return unless I love God. If I don’t accept God’s love, then I will always have hold-backs. And this includes in my love of myself.

So here’s the thing. It was pointed out yesterday by my “angel” that to love “God” is to love all that is around you. To love all you see, hear and feel. And to “accept His love” is to appreciate everything that He is offering us. Its quite a bizarre idea, but even if you don’t necessarily believe in “God”, or that you believe in a different god, potentially by loving and accepting love for all we have (no matter how little or how much) will free the soul. This freedom will open us up to all that we meet and reduce the likelihood of judging others and closing ourselves to others with secrets and fears.

The simplest form of love is to “Love God” and to “Accept His Love” in return. To do this is to LET GO and accept your fate, knowing that all your decisions will be accepted and supported regardless of what our “human” support groups may say (eg, parents or friends). This allows us to be truly free to explore the truer meaning of love of our friends, of ourselves and to explore those deeper connections for potential relationships without fear of rejection or incompatibility.

And ultimately, isn’t all this what Jesus taught us… “Love God”, “Love thy neighbour”. Simple really. And to accept to do it should make you free!

Anyway, its probably more simply said than done. But if I achieve these two seemingly simple tasks, maybe even though I won’t need to ask myself the question of “what I want”, “who am I” and even “am I settled”. It could free my soul to just be me and let God/fate guide me to my destiny…

Thanks Anne….

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  1. Jesus I give up. I need the spirit you promised to teach me how to LOVE…. teach me how to love you…. teach me how to love my neighbor…. teach me how to love my friends…. teach me how to love a woman…. teach me how to love my world.

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