New Morality – True Friends?

This poster was an advertisement seen plastered all over the metro bilboards this winter. It says:

“If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.” – Blaise Pascal

The French author and scientist was quoted in an advertisement for an Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The photo chosen to be displayed with the quote portrays the second runner-up for president, Ségolène Royal, and four comerades in her political party.
The reaction of the people when they saw this billboard? Laughter, and usually a couple comments about how true the quote is.

I personally was offened. I don’t talk about my friends behind my back. France is truely sceptical about everything, but does that need to go so far as questioning the loyalty of your own friends? Those who assume everyone talks about their friends behind their back, must not have had very positive friendship experiences in the past. Maybe they need Jesus to teach them what a good friend is. Maybe they need a good friend. Maybe they need me.

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