Fresh Politics

“I don’t like this politician, I’m against his ideals… Of course, I can’t think of any better solution at the moment, but I’ll be glad to list for you the ten reasons I dug up on the Internet that prove this guy is wrong.”

Politics. How often we spend enormous amounts of energy preparing arguments against an issue we can’t accept. It’s fun to be contrary, it’s exciting to dig up exclusive evidence about why (insert_hot_topic_here) should have never started. But few people find the freedom to leave the past behind and let themselves dream up a solution for the future.

But haven’t we realized that the future is the only reality where we can make an impact?

Sure debating is a fun game, but life should be more enriching than a game. Let’s not get bogged down in yesterday’s news. Let’s be constructive and make this world a better place. Maybe we don’t all have the expertise to solve the world’s economic problems, but we all have friends who are hurting and spiritual questions that need answering.

LOVE assumes the best, and moves ahead.

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